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All videos -Amy grant 1, 3, 4, 5 - Singer, songwriter. Born on November 25, 1960, in Augusta, Georgia.
Amy Grant helped revolutionize contemporary Christian music with her beautiful songwriting, original voice tonality and song structure. She grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, in a close-knit, religious relatives. It was in church that Grant was exposed to the hymns & Christian stories that would influence her work.As a teenager, Grant taught herself how to play guitar & worked part-time at a recording studio. top christian music bands, hillsong christian music, christian music hillsong,

He made a tape of her music for her parents, which had been discovered by a producer with Word Records, a Christian music label. This led to a recording contract, & her first album was released in 1977.

The self-titled album was a huge success in the world of Christian music. With her unique style, Grant charted new territory. He fused elements of existing genres of gospel, hymns, & Jesus music—which used rock music to convey Christian teachings—to generate a fresh, new sound, not heard before. Her songs are often deeply personal (read more...) 7th day adventist theology, 7th day adventist theology,7th day adventist theology,university seventh day adventist church, adventist website, online bible study degree, biblical studies online, online biblical studies, biblical studies, bible studies online, onlinebible, bible videos, the bible online, the end is near, 7th day adventist theology, university seventh day adventist church, adventist website,