Dr Lorraine Day Bird flu hoax

All videos -“By mixing flu deaths with pneumonia deaths. The CDC National Vital Statistic Document for 2002 lists Influenza and Pneumonia because the seventh leading cause of dying in 2002. You probably already suspected it - only 753 of individuals deaths were flu-connected along with the relaxation within the 36,000 were pneumonia-connected. If all flu-connected deaths are removed, pneumonia connected deaths still ranks number 7 alone. The media used the false 36,000 deaths number inside the coverage - 50 occasions the particular 2002/2003 health info online health info, health info online, medical website
“Are the 257 to some single,765 reported annual flu deaths from 1999 to 2002 even accurate?

“No. You can't determine the particular amount of deaths triggered using the flu since the CDC doesn't have dying certificate section for deaths triggered just with influenza. The CDC has two fundamental groups of flu deaths:

1.influenza and pneumonia

2.influenza along with other breathing manifestations/signs and signs and signs and symptoms

3.influenza along with other manifestations/signs and signs and signs and symptoms (non-breathing)”

“Health professionals may try to warrant the authenticity of mixing flu deaths with pneumonia deaths while using the statement that “influenza results in pneumonia.” Nonetheless the particulars don't support this frequent, broad misstatement by health care professionals. online health info

“The American Lung Association (ALA) describes pneumonia as recuperating from 30 different causes (two being the influenza virus). Neither the CDC nor ALA know about specific reasons for the pneumonias that introduced to dying. However, they are doing realize that influenza isn't the primary cause. online health info

“Pneumonia can also be triggered by other bacteria for example Staphylococcus aureus (staph), Pertussis (whooping cough), Streptococci, and Mycoplasma pneumoniae (an average cause of “walking” pneumonia). In addition, there are plenty of non-infectious reasons for pneumonia for example bronchial bronchial bronchial asthma, aspiration of liquids, immunodeficiency, etc.

“Keep inside your ideas the influenza vaccine provides no defense against attacks. The Nation's Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease along with other health agencies estimate the only real bacteria - streptococcus pneumoniae - comprises about 15% to 50% of cases of pneumonia in the united states, including around 40,000 deaths yearly (

“So, it stretches credibility to convey influenza causes pneumonia when, really, the data indicates it only produces a little minority of cases of pneumonia.” online health info, health info online, medical website

CDC,Media Hype Influenza - Particulars Show Different Picture Health Supreme by Sepp Hasslberger. Statistics develop by Frank Hartman.

I requested him after they doctors were requested to visit property to property to judge for people who've bird flu with the opportunity of quarantine within the patient (for the way extended?) as well as the chance in the quarantine to make individual to get rid of earnings as well as eliminate his job, how could they distinguish “Bird flu” inside the “regular flu”? They agreed it might be virtually impossible.

My Consult With The CDC

Several a few days ago, I known to as CDC and spoke having a couple of the doctors within the “Flu Division.” I recognized myself by title to make sure that because the physician, and they also provided his title and position. I requested him what kind of physician like myself might differentiate “Bird flu” from “regular flu.” They clarified, “You can’t.”

Nonetheless The CDC IS Speaking About Quarantine (I suppose they were due to this content!)

Lately, Julie Gerberding, M.D., Director within the CDC, freely discussed the opportunity of quarantine as being a procedure for modifying the “Bird flu” despite the fact that, by their own admission, it’s impossible to determine “Bird flu” from “regular flu.”

I Quickly requested him why Leader George W. Rose rose rose bush was freely considering QUARANTINE of individuals patients? His response was, “He didn’t have that from us within the CDC. That’s ALL politics!”

Recall SARS? Just How Can SARS fit into to everyone this?Do you realize the Parallels Between “Bird Flu” and “SARS”? (good CDC’s own website) online health info, health info online, medical website

1. They've IDENTICAL signs and signs and signs and symptoms:

Fever of 100.4 levels F or greater


General discomfort and also the system aches

NOW, the query here, at the office, is: Just how can two distinguish the twelve signs and signs and signs and symptoms of “Bird Flu” from “SARS”?

Possibly a dry cough with mild breathing signs and signs and signs and symptoms

 “Bird Flu,” “SARS, and Regular Flu ALL have similar signs and signs and signs and symptoms!

 Answer: We're Not Able!

 How Interesting!!

 SARS Was “Billed” as being a Coming, Frightening Pandemic!

 But wait, the number of people have gone from SARS?

Good website all over the world Health Organization (WHO), with the month from the month of the month of january 21, 2005, the data for SARS will be the following:

a. 8439 people - worldwide - have “been affected” - whatever meaning! Does meaning they contracted the healthiness of “SARS” but didn’t die, or does and therefore they are “affected” given that they or anybody in their relatives was uncovered to SARS but didn't get ill? Our Planet Health Organization doesn’t reveal.

(“Been affected” isn't a medical term along with the WHO doesn’t report what you mean. It could appear such as the World Health Organization is attempting to produce the amounts appear larger than they're.)

b. And 812 deaths WORLDWIDE - throughout a time period of the best 3-four years! (If, indeed, they might believe The figures they cope with the commercial media!)

Now Let’s Put This In Perspective!

Do you realize Every Day within the U.S. ALONE, over 1,400 Us people die from Heart Disease?

Recall, that’s Every Day! - - - - In A Single country!

It's absolute NONSENSE to classify “SARS” as being a potential pandemic! That's NOTHING over rank propaganda! 812 deaths from SARS - Worldwide - over 3-four years - as opposed to just one,400 deaths daily from heart disease within this country alone!

But SARS Didn't Spread Rapid to produce a Pandemic

Because “SARS” didn't spread rapid from condition to condition to create the Pandemic which was Predicted (and PLANNED for using the " " " New World " " " Order) - another factor should be accomplished!

They need to create - -

“SARS” With Wings!! - - -“Bird Flu”!!

Is “Terror Talk”?

This really is their explanation (the WHO - let you know the " " " New World " " " Order) might have this problem flying from two country overseas wherever they may require it to land. In addition, it enables those to destroy a substantial area of the food connected getting a rustic they wish - the chickens, turkeys along with other wild wild wild birds helpful for food using the population of people various nations. The " " " New World " " " Order finds that two excellent method of control a rustic should be to control (or eliminate) their food. (Understand the Not quote inside the finish have to know ,!)

Take notice for that words within the title within the articles, along with the (misguided) presumptions and pure speculations produced with the author inside the title along with the article. Listed here are a a couple of REAL good good good examples from some “Bird Flu” articles launched on the internet too just like paper media within the last number of a few days:

Just how can two discern “Terror Talk”? Just how can two differentiate Truth from Propaganda?

Understand that situation a “suspected” Human situation. In a number of, otherwise most, instances, the “suspected” situation computes to not be Bird Flu. Nonetheless the general public isn't informed, departing the sense things are real.

Indonesia - New Suspected Human Bird Flu Situation (Web-Launched 1-8-06)

The term “Mystery” is calculated to create fear within the site visitors, fear that no two could possibly get appear advice or the easiest method to stop the supposed “epidemic.” This information also ensures that “bird flu” isn't travelling with migratory wild wild wild birds. (Possibly that’s as it is not “Bird” flu!)

Mystery - Bird Flu Does not Migrate Not Remarkably (Launched 12-29-05)

Bird Flu: How Worried For Anyone Who's? USA Nowadays , March 11, 2005

Understand that the title is assuming you need to be worried! The Only Real totally HOW worried for anyone who's. That's cleverly crafted to create unwarranted fear within the site visitors.

Bird Flu Could Pose Massive Threat To US Economy Launched 12-9-05

Bird Flu “Could” do nearly anything on the planet the author need to know , can picture inside the imagination. While using the term “could” defines this information as pure propaganda. The information includes forecasts with no basis really, including exaggerated mortality rates, plus a wild figure of 30% within the population being affected. NOWHERE on the planet, is happening. This kind of propaganda is shameful for that author and offensive for the site visitors who's a thinking person.

Hazardous Distinctive H5N1 Mutation in Ukraine? Launched 12-10-05

Put the query mark inside the finish within the title. Nothing within the article remains verified. This could not always be reported until it's verified. This kind of title ( beginning while using term “Dangerous!”) is particularly made to p bible society, bible society, bible society,

Health - How Two Evil Nation Can Kill Billions

Around the world - - With Two Lie!

The month from the month of the month of january 24, 2006

Lorraine Day, M.D.

Once the evil leaders in the evil nation require to:• Generate FEAR and CHAOS and TERROR around the globe

• Get rid of the privileges of people in every nation on the planet

• Produce a world-wide pandemic and annihilation in the giant segment in the nation’s population by forced vaccinations that individually contain live bacteria and infections for Helps, herpes, hepatitis, and small pox, furthermore to chemical chemical chemical preservatives produced from mercury that creates brain destroy and autism

• Get rid of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which restrictions the military from involved in police-type activity on U.S. soil. This act particularly forbids the federal government while using military against its very own people. (This Posse Comitatus Act was seriously violated at Waco, when U.S. military troops were found in the Branch Davidians.)

• Control every country on the planet by enabling our planet Health Organization (WHO) to make use of and dominate their emergency medico-political apparatus and hang embargos or quarantines around the entire country

• Help generate famines to be capable of annihilate a massive area of the world’s population by killing within the food connected getting a and each nation, by killing their chickens, turkeys along with other wild wild wild birds helpful for food.

• Declare martial Law and suspend the Metabolic process

All they should accomplish is generate - from narrow air -

the Bird Flu “Pandemic” HOAX!

Leader George W. Rose rose rose bush has spoken frequently in the “Military Takeover Just Just Just In Case In The Flu Outbreak.” (CNN October 4 & 5, 2005) and possible quarantine within the individuals with bird flu! “I’m worried about just what amount of the avian flu outbreak could mean for the U . s . states . States along with the world,” the best option told reporters inside a Rose Garden news conference.

Very daily, the newspapers, r / c and tv programs pummel us with news within the coming Avian Flu “pandemic” and involve developing vaccines and instituting mandatory vaccination programs - - - for Everyone! ( uncover more...)

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 restrictions the military from involved in police-type activity on U.S. soil. It had been passed to forbid the federal government while using military to deal with or attack individuals that goes for them country. Rose rose rose bush started talking about the opportunity of altering or getting rid of this law an immediate consequence within the government’s sluggish reaction to riots following Hurricane Katrina. If it is done, it might allow the government in the u . s . states . States to make the most of military troops against its very own people (as happen to be completed the Waco tragedy).

Signs and signs and signs and symptoms of Bird Flu

Let’s examine the broadly heralded (allegedly) coming Avian Flu Pandemic and what impact it could really wear the U.S. along with the World!

Good worldwide website within the (WHO) World Health Organization (, the twelve signs and signs and signs and symptoms of avian influenza (Type H5N1) are:

1. Do you realize the twelve signs and signs and signs and symptoms of bird flu in humans?

 A painful throat



 And perhaps, viral pneumonia

Our planet wide website within the (CDC) Cdc ( provides the following signs and signs and signs and symptoms for avian flu:


 A painful throat and muscle aches


Another part of the worldwide website within the CDC at provides the following signs and signs and signs and symptoms for Avian Flu:

 And perhaps, pneumonia

(>100.4 levels F ), And several within the following:

recorded temperature of >38 levels C

a painful throat,


Good status for mention of the chicken (e.g. visited a chicken farm, children raising chicken, or maybe a bird market) or maybe a known or suspected human situation of influenza A (H5N1) in a H5N1-affected country within ten days of symptom onset.

shortness of breath, AND

A cough can occur within the chilled, allergic reactions, bronchial bronchial bronchial asthma, polluting in the atmosphere, sure medicines, from smoking, or all causes.

 note: A temperature of 100.4 levels Farenheit may be produced round the hot day within the healthy individual without disease whatsoever! This really is frequently a medical fact.

So it’s achievable for the federal government to quarantine you aren't an indeterminate time period, risking the person’s job and earnings, after they or he's a cough round the hot day! (Recall, the twelve signs and signs and signs and symptoms are: a temperature of >100.4 F And several within the following: cough, a painful throat, shortness of breath, OR mention of the any kind of bird.

Each one of these signs and signs and signs and symptoms are non-specific, meaning they might come in any together with numerous health issues unrelated to bird flu OR regular flu.  Fever of 100.4 levels F or greater

2. Do you realize the twelve signs and signs and signs and symptoms of normal flu (NOT avian flu)? Kinds of given around the CDC’s website at People will be the following:


 Extreme fatigue

 Dry cough

 A painful throat

 Muscle aches

 Runny or stuffy nose

3. Query: Just how can someone differentiate the twelve signs and signs and signs and symptoms of AVIAN FLU (bird flu) inside the signs and signs and signs and symptoms of normal FLU?

Stomach signs and signs and signs and symptoms, for example nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, may also occur but they are more common in kids than adults.

Answer: As being a physician, Without a doubt that you will never differentiate!

 “How many people die every year from REGULAR FLU (NOT bird flu)?

“The Cdc (CDC) states, “Every year inside the u . s . states . States, normally, 36,000 people die from flu.” (

But this really is frequently a deliberate deceptiveness using the CDC!

“Below would be the actual amount of flu connected deaths from 1999 to 2002 inside the CDC National Vital Statistic Reviews


753 deaths in 2002 (page 16 of document)

257 deaths in 2001 (page 16 of document)

1,765 deaths in 2000

1,665 deaths in 1999

“How does the CDC get from 753 flu deaths for the statement that 36,000 flu deaths occur yearly?

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Quand les bergers se transforment en Bètes

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Why my mother did not become a Jehovah's witness?

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