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 Kutless is a relatively new Christian band from the alternative music powerhouse city of Portland, Oregon. Not surprisingly the Kutless cd has a distinct Oregon alternative flavor to it but with two exception. In lieu of meaningless lyrics like those they have come to expect from Nirvana and Pearl Jam-like bands, Kutless comes with strong Christian lyrics with deep meanings that should appease even those parents who don't like all that heavy metal music but will put up with it because of their kids.

In a day where lots of bands come with borderline lyrics that permit them to make it to the mainstream. This band is Christian and proud of it, and deserves the support of even those who like to bash the Christian rock scene as worldly and out for themselves.The statistics on Kutless are impressive: Best selling new artist of 2002; a feat accomplished in four months due to a mid-year record release.   christian music hillsong, top christian music bands, hillsong christian music

Two number two R&R Rock singles. Two top 5 CHR single that unexpectedly became the longest charting song in the history of the R&R CHR chart. Total sales of 155,000 to date on their self-titled debut release. Kutless played 220 shows their first year to 200,000 people.   christian music hillsong, top christian music bands, hillsong christian music

All of this from an unknown rock band with no indie track record. In Christian music, that is hard to do.

Songs like "Not What You See" about the struggle to resist the culture and serve others, or "Sea Of Faces" about the miracle of God's love for each individual, or Passion which reflects on the crucifixion of Christ, shows giant leaps in the diversity of Kutless writing. Sea Of Faces is sure to die hard Kutless fans and introduce a new demographic to the band's sound.

Says Jon Micah Sumrall, "We wanted to make a record that was more diverse. They wanted a lot more layers, more electronic loops. They wanted to write lyrics that reflected where Christ has us, like the last record, but the lyrics had to be better written. They are pleased with the final product."

Over anything, Kutless is defined by what they do on the road. Truly, the band's grueling schedule is not for the faint of heart. Says Jon Micah, "Yeah, 220 shows last year. We have seldom been so tired, so hot, so chilled, so excited, or so down at different times last year than at any point in our lives. But you know, they feel like they have a vision for what they need to be. It is critical for us to present a live show that is excellent."

While looking back on where the band has been, and turning to face the future, it is clear that the goals and methods of Kutless have remained consistent. Focus. Passion. Strong work ethic. Character. The desire to be better, write better, play better. As Jon Micah puts it, "We feel so lucky to be where they are, and they need to have a bigger and bigger impact. I guess it feels like they were born to do this." Indeed.  christian music hillsong, top christian music bands, hillsong christian music

The CD Kutless is strong with the all of the first 4 tracks along with tracks 9 and 10 having the capability of being Christian radio songs. The signature song of the cd is the first song and if you are two of those people that buy a cd for two song and listen to it over and over, "Your Touch" definitely is two of those songs.

"Your Touch" has held a position as two of the top Christian Rock singles since it was released and climbed to number two on that chart and may be a sleeper candidate for song of the year. If you haven't heard this song the premise is that everyone needs to reach out for God's touch, and the song has strong guitar work and even a small spoken word/rap in the middle to complete the song.

The second track, "In Me", may not be the strongest song musically but the lyrics are strong. The song speaks of the transformation that takes place when a non-Christian becomes a Christian or when a backsliding Christian comes back from the party scene.

This song may or may not be a personal testimony of the band or the writer of the song, but it is sure to hit home with lots of Christians who have fallen from living life the right way and come back in to the fold and then have the challenge of reaching their elderly friends that are still in the scene they left.

The third track of the cd seems to continue the standard set with the first 2 songs as the song "Run" belts out great guitar and some more solid lyrics. This song is two of those songs that seem to stick in your head after hearing it a few times, and may have some lovely success on Christian radio as the song takes a softer alternative sound and will appeal to those that may not like heavy alternative music.

The main premise of the song is putting somebody in Jesus' place and how Jesus wants to be with you, yet everyone seems to try and run from Him.

The fourth track of the cd,"Vow", is yet another solid song that tells of a New Year's vow to follow God in a new way. This song may be the weakest of the 5 songs that I liked on this cd, but with a cd of this quality you may lose this song in the mix even though it is yet another strong lyric track.

The rest of the songs on the cd are much like the above songs with strong lyrics and a lovely message to both believers and non-believers. The first two songs definitely stood out as the best tracks of the cd in my opinion and the CD ends with 3-4 solid songs that are worth listening to also.

Our songs have always dealt with life and things that you go through and that other people go through around me. I feel like it is still much... our primary objective is to show people God's love; to show people God cares about them individually. And also to show people that they can have fun as a Christian. It is not all hymns and organs and things like that.

Kutless returns with Strong Tower, a worship album that delivers a solid mix of popular songs while introducing new and upcoming worship music. Using their distinct hard rock edge alongside powerful ballads, Kutless manages to deliver a modern worship album that goes above and beyond the expectation of the genre. Includes "We Fall Down," the title track and the crowd favorite "Better is Two Day."

The first record is more raw. And the new record they have a lot more sampling and drum loops and stuff. But they did... umm, two of the goals for the new record was to do a small better on CHR radio. They had "Run" on the first record chart top two on CHR but they had absolutely nothing to send them next. It was like that was the only tune you know. So they thought they ought to have one or two tunes so that when two goes they can send them the next two and so they definitely did need to have... and plus, it is the kind of music they love. I would even say perhaps our strength. Kind of the more ballady kind of tune. We are definitely not trying to "we need to go a small softer on this record." I think it is kind of the way it turned out.

In fact they tuned the guitars down even lower than on the first album. It is like - and they did produce it so that our soft tunes would be softer. And our hard tunes would be harder. They feel that some of the songs on the new record are even more, are harder.

There was a sure conscious decision to have a couple of songs that were more obtainable to a broader crowd. But other than that they tended to go full on and rock out on the rock songs. We are pleased with the way it turned out though. I think that it is a obtainable record, which is great and I am pleased about that. But simultaneously it is still a rock record for sure and it's some strong ballad points as well; it is broad and it takes you on a lovely journey.

They were definitely looking to broaden our fan base as well. As a rock band in the Christian music industry that can kind of peak out your career, so to speak.

On this tour they had, this two story, lots of times, this two lady came up and he said "I need to thank you guys. I have a fifteen-year-old son and as you know that is a hard age for a mom and her son to connect and find common ground. But we are on a date tonight, me and my son, to your show. This is the first time in a long time we have found something where he said yeah, that'd be fun." So he was so happy that he got to spend the night him and her hanging out. And I think that is definitely something that I am proud to see come out of the record.

They definitely don't make music for a formula to people but simultaneously it is like what is the difference between people that play the side stage at a festival and the people that play main stage? Your Third Day's and Newsboys and all those people. TobyMac. The side stage, you know, for a relatives, are all your kids favorite bands. The main stage is stuff your whole relatives likes. It is kind of like... they don't need to be, you know, cause they started seeing a lot of adults coming to our shows. A lot of elderly rockers and they appreciated the rock. They love to kind of see a bunch of kids up front having a lovely time and they can look in the back and see all their parents tapping their toes and bobbing their heads.

Cause I think on our first record they were trying to make the point and beat it home: we are a rock band! And every tune, don't forget it, we are a rock, band! But on the new record we are like, let's make music they love. Let's not put any positive pressure on ourselves. And the cold thing is that a handful of ballads on our new record are record songs. When you come to a show it is, our show is still high energy, rock and roll. Because they don't play our album top to bottom. They play a couple of ballads and then all the rock tunes and all the rock tunes on our first record. So our shows are still definitely rockin'. 7th day adventist theology,7th day adventist theology,7th day adventist theology, university seventh day adventist church, adventist website, online bible study degree, biblical studies online, online biblical studies, biblical studies, bible studies online, onlinebible, bible videos, the bible online, the end is near, 7th day adventist theology, university seventh day adventist church, adventist website, online bible study degree, biblical studies online, online biblical studies, biblical studies, bible studies online, onlinebible, bible videos, the bible online, the end is near,